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The Arraial D'Ajuda Eco Resort is located on the southern coast of Bahia, near the city of Porto Seguro, Brazil. We are exactly on Ponta do Apaga Fogo, privileged area of Arraial D'Ajuda.



Ponta do Apaga Fogo - Arraial D' Ajuda
Porto Seguro – Bahia – Brasil
Fone: + 55 73
3575 8500    l   Fax: + 55 73 3575 8509

How to get there:

By plane
The major brazilian airlines operating to Porto Seguro are Gol, TAM, Azul, and Trip. The approximate distance from the airport to the ferry is 3 km. From the airport head to our private pier, which is close to the public ferry. Our private ferry serves only to pedestrians and is free for our guests. If you want to hire the transfer airport/hotel/airport contact our reservations department.

By car
Take the highway BR 101, arriving at Km 772, Eunápolis - State of Bahia, take the highway that gives access to Porto Seguro, and at Km 32, you'll find on your right, the highway that takes to Arraial d'Ajuda . Or head to Porto Seguro, where there are ferries (which run 24 hours) to get to Arraial.


Distance from cities:

Porto Seguro airport 3Km  
Arraial d’Ajuda (centro) 4Km
Sta. Cruz Cabrália 29 Km
Trancoso 25 Km
Caraíva 67 Km
Ponta Corumbau 220 Km  
Vitória 602 Km
Salvador 730 Km
Belo Horizonte 952 Km
Rio de Janeiro 1.120 Km
Recife 1.419 Km
Brasília 1.669 Km
Curitiba 1.899 Km
Florianópolis 2.196 Km
Porto Alegre 2.600 Km